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So many of life's most pleasant experiences can be found in the outdoors...... relax in a tranquil garden......be soothed by the sound of trickling water…entertain family and friends in a complete outdoor live area surrounded by fragrant, colorful plants.
Spending time outdoors can make your senses come alive!

Here at Buono Landscaping
we feel that the same thought and planning that you put into
the inside of your home should be given to the outside as well.

The end result is a landscape that is not only unique but one that reflects your own lifestyle as well.

We also provide year round maintenance for your new or existing
landscape from hand weeding to trimming and pruning of your shrubs and perennial/annual beds to keep your garden looking its best all year long.
For more information please visit our Complete Property Maintenance page.

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Buono Landscaping Inc. P.O Box 14,  Hopewell, NJ 08525
phone / fax : (609) 466-2205 - email: buonolandscape@aol.com
Buono - Landscape Design - Planting - Hardscaping - Maintenance
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