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Weekly lawn maintenance is available to both residential and commercial clients.

Our trained professional crews are capable of handling small, single home residences, to large condominium developments to commercial facilities.

Call Buono landscaping today and let us show you just how affordable weekly lawn maintenance is!

In addition to maintaining lawns, Buono Landscaping also provides landscape maintenance that includes bi-weekly bed weeding and shrub trimming.

We will establish a personal maintenance program that meets your property's requirements to ensure that your landscape always looks clean and professional.

Here is a sampling of some of our maintenance services:

Its the best time to get your gardens out of hibernation. It’s ~ time to give those shrubs a little trimming, pull those weeds, rake last years leaves out “unless we did this for you in the fall”. Remove any excess mulch over 3” deep, apply a weed preventer, fertilize shrubs, give a fresh 3-4” crisp edge & apply mulch.

Thatch is a mat of plant material consisting mainly of grass stems and roots. A thin layer (1/2 inch or less) is normal and does no harm. In fact, a thin layer protects the grass crown and helps to reduce soil compaction. Thatch that has accumulated thicker than 1/2” prevents water from reaching the roots. Excessive thatch is usually caused by over-watering or over-fertilizing. If your lawn feels spongy when you walk on it, it has excessive thatch.
If your thatch layer is over 1/2”, it should be removed with a vertical mower (verti-cutter) or power rake. These specialized machines cut through the sod and pull up the thatch.
Dethatching should be performed in the early spring (March - April) or early fall (September —October). While dethatching can be done in early fall, it is recommended to perform in the early spring.

Slicer Seeding
Slice seeding is the most effective way to ensure good seed to soil contact and prepare the seed bed at the same time. It enables you to have better looking and more resistant grass types that are adapted to the various conditions on your property.

Fall clean-up will consist of removing fallen leaves between November 1 - December 15th from bed & lawn areas. This service is priced out weekly.

Trimming shrubs twice a season is a wise choice when it comes to a proper maintenance program. All shrubs & perennials need special attention at different times throughout the growing season. This service is priced on an hourly basis and remember all hourly services are discounted with our Lawn Maintenance Packages.
For more information on our Trimming services, please contact us.

Call Buono Landscaping today to set up a appointment with one of our Lawn Maintenance Specialists.
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Buono - Landscape Design - Planting - Hardscaping - Maintenance